Your Path to Mindful Living Starts Here!

Buddha Travel was created to facilitate the seeker’s journey to a life that is more present, more mindful and filled with more light, love and laughter. When you join our community, we will help guide you along the path with the resources of our own Buddha Travel Pathfinder, the wisdom and knowledge of our network of Masters and practical knowledge for a more conscious lifestyle. The fact that you are reading this can be your start.

Transform Yourself Through Mindful Travel.

Sometimes, you must go outside of your everyday surroundings to understand your life and its purpose. That is why Buddha Travel believes that the path to a more conscious life can begin or expand as the result of a transformative travel experience to safe, serene and inspirational destinations. The push for transformation is expressing itself across industries from health and wellness and fashion and yes, even travel.

Join Us For Our Retreats and Experiences

Buddha Travel retreats, workshops and travel experiences will be held in locations that feature known natural energy centers, and will always be accessible to and involved with communities of indigenous Peoples. While they will often be themed according to interests such as yoga, meditation, writing, music or art, each program always features authentic, credible Masters who are experts in the arts of a conscious lifestyle.


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