Don Miguel Ruiz best-selling book The Four Agreements

Don Miguel was first introduced to Oprah and her audience by Ellen DeGeneres in 1999. Don Miguel Ruiz's best-selling book The Four Agreements eventually became one of Oprah's Favorite Things.

It was 1997 when I first bought the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel. And some years later before we were introduced to one another in Mexico, on the same beach that I credit with much of my energy and spiritual work on the Path. The spectacular energy found on the white powdery sand beaches of Maroma Bay. Located between Cancun airport and Playa del Carmen.
When I met Don Miguel, I knew that I already knew him, and recognized the quiet, gentle, and loving energy vibrations of a healer and Master teacher. We shook hands, and then embraced one another in an amazing hug, and the energy flowed as if destiny had called us together, which I am sure it had. We spent some very special time together one particular late afternoon, as I was showing him around the rustic Jungles which protect the mangroves on Maroma Bay.

A spectacular natural refuge for wildlife that seems to have migrated onto the lush 250 hectare parcel of protected land as the Jungles were slashed and burned elsewhere along this spectacular coast, and the mangroves ravaged by bulldozers. A Biologist paradise for the unique biodiversity and sheer variety of species located there having had no where else to go as humanity encroached on their habitat elsewhere.

We were scouting for the perfect natural setting along with a film crew, so that they could shoot a video interview. As we walked along a rustic small ‘Sac-be’ (Maya for white road) which was beautifully overgrown with vegetation, we talked about all manner of things, as we walked, including the pending shift of the Maya calendar coming later that year on December 21 2012. I explained how the Maya were the first to walk these same jungles and beaches of Maroma as this was a natural point of landing for Maya due to strong currents as they travelled for trade often by boat and also for spiritual ceremonies. The Maya came just across the channel from the Island of Cozumel, as did, people claim, the first Spaniard conquistadores.
We discussed the positive impact and popular acceptance of Don Miguel’s book the Four Agreements, and what it meant personally to me, and millions of others throughout our world, having been published in 38 languages.
It was no surprise that this beautiful Being had written this perfect book. One that I gave to many of my friends over the years for the truth of its teachings.
Just as a reminder, or in case you have not as yet had a chance to read it,
The Four Agreements are:
1- Be Impeccable With Your Word.
2- Don’t Take Anything Personally.
3- Don’t Make Assumptions.
4- Always Do Your Best.
Finally, we found what Don Miguel felt was the ideal place to shoot the video, and his crew, a little concerned that the afternoon sun was slipping away on us, were anxious to start the shooting. Seems we spent more time lingering in the Maroma Jungles than we had noticed. Living and sharing ‘in the moment with Don Miguel was an honour’ for which I am grateful, even now, just to be able to recall the experience at this moment.
Somehow in life, it is the uncomplicated things that often carry the clearest form of communications and this has been the case with this perfectly presented book that ‘fits in both the palm of my hand, and the depths and warmth of my heart’. Undoubtedly, it packs a profound message.
Don Miguel was first introduced to Oprah and her audience by Ellen DeGeneres in 1999. Don Miguel Ruiz’s best-selling book The Four Agreements eventually became one of Oprah’s Favorite Things. From “be impeccable with your word” to “always do your best,” the four agreements have helped millions lead happier, freer lives. Whenever he has an opportunity Don Miguel explains how he came to write the book following the trauma of heart attack and near death experience. He speaks in a uniquely sensitive manner and communicates with love. Over the course of the next days while Don Miguel was in the area we would visit together and marvel in the beauty of Maroma Bay. Our conversations felt like meditations, peaceful and enlightening.
Thank you Don Miguel for sharing such a profound love with the Universe!
A moment in Love and Light,


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