As you read about us and explore what Buddha Travel has to offer, you may first be intrigued by our retreats and travel experiences. But go deeper and you’ll see that Buddha Travel is a way of life.


Buddha Travel is a community of like-minded people who love to travel, but want their travel experience to help them become more aware and more conscious of our place in the world. Buddha Travel is a shared vision of how we can be more present in our lives.  It’s an opportunity to share experiences with Masters and Teachers and who have gained wisdom over many years and from many sources And it’s an opportunity to work with and learn from Indigenous people who we’ll meet at our travel destinations.

Our name and our mission reflect the way that we aspire to live, and the way the Buddha teaches us – to be good, and do good.  Our name reflects our belief that we can achieve enlightenment in this life, that we don’t have to suffer, we can be happy. Our mission conveys our desire to help people find joy, particularly those who are ready to give back, to focus on spiritual growth and to find light, love and joy in the years we have left on this planet.

If you have found us, you are experiencing another foundational belief of the Buddha: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Why Buddha Travel?

The co-founders of Buddha Travel  have dedicated most of our lives and careers to travel and we believe that the experience of traveling outside of our everyday lives – whether to another neighborhood, city, country or continent – is an opportunity to open our eyes and hearts to the world and to ourselves and to be more present.  When we are in another physical place, untethered by our daily obligations and fears, we can see different ways of living, hear new ideas more openly and let more light into our lives. When we travel to places that inspire us with their beauty and energy, we are more in tune with the lessons of Masters as well as well as with our own heart and soul.

Your Path to Conscious Living Through Travel

Thus, the idea of a “Path to Conscious Living Through Travel” was born in the incarnation of Buddha Travel. We invite you to join us in adventures outside of your daily life and comfort zone, and into your own capacity for peace, knowledge, strength and growth. We invite you to share what we’ve learned and experienced, to gain the benefit of our network of Masters and healers, and importantly, to share your learnings with us.

When you join us for one of our Buddha Travel Retreats or experiences, we’ll invite you to tell us what sparks your passion and inspiration so that we can seek out those Masters who can guide you even farther along your path. Whether it’s writing, painting, studying religions, yoga, meditation, ancient medicine healing or simply being at peace with nature, we will design and curate an experience for you, we will ensure that you are nurtured during that experience, and we will be honored to share it.

Buddha Travel experiences may never be alike, but they will always offer a central gift: a better understanding of our place in the universe, of our connection to every living thing, and an abundance of ways to find your path to a more conscious life.

Yoga and much more: Mindfulness, Meditation and the Chakras

With Yoga Master Antonio Elugardo, Michael Hallé, Cathleen Johnson and Maestro Te-Moo (Eutimio) Sosa