Buddha Travel Signature Retreats

Our branded retreats are curated for individuals or groups and are designed to combine a variety of healing and inspirational experiences tailored to the participants’ needs and goals on their path to Conscious Living.

Buddha Travel Signature Retreats: Each of our Buddha Travel Signature retreats will be led by a network of Masters in destinations and venues that are conducive to stimulating creativity, introspection and inspiration. We select our venues for their natural beauty and energy, but even more importantly for the opportunity to immerse ourselves into the indigenous cultures where they are located and learn from the wisdom and practices of the local Masters.

Buddha Travel Retreats are informed by the learnings featured in the Pathfinder Navigation System, which is a compilation of the co-founders’ knowledge about the many and varied paths one can follow to achieve a more conscious lifestyle. In addition, these retreats may be themed according to one or more elements included in the Pathfinder, such as energy work, ancient myths and religions, yoga, writing, music, and more.


Upcoming Retreats

Maya Gods and Goddesses; Accessing Higher Consciousness

With Miguel Angel Vergara and Trudy Woodcock