Buddha Travel Signature Retreats

Our branded retreats are curated for individuals or groups and are designed to combine a variety of healing and inspirational experiences tailored to the participants’ needs and goals on their path to Conscious Living.

The Buddha Travel Signature Retreat is designed to help people find a path to greater knowledge of themselves and to be at peace with what they find. A hallmark of the Buddha Travel Retreat is that we open the door to the wide variety of ways to accept a more meaningful life.

Our organizing principal is the Buddha Travel Pathfinder, a body of knowledge that summarizes the myriad paths to consciousness across time and cultures in a digestible, easy-to-read volume that guides our itineraries. At a Buddha Travel Retreat, you will learn that there are many ways to become a more conscious person, but most importantly, you will learn HOW to follow the path that appeals to you.

Every Buddha Travel Signature Retreat will be centered around the concept of energy. They will take place in destinations where the earth’s energy is conducive to introspection – whether that is in the sun soaked Yucatan, the crisp air of a mountain retreat center, or a sacred space blessed by indigenous peoples.

The itineraries and activities of the Buddha Travel Retreat will always be built around igniting greater energy within. That may be through the exploration of the body’s chakras, through physical regeneration that yoga or reiki or dance or healing therapies can provide; or focusing on the creative powers we desire to cultivate through music, writing or art.

Buddha Travel Signature Retreats may always look different, because we explore many pathways on the journey to a more conscious life. However, there is a guiding, central theme to them all – that the path to a more conscious, meaningful life can be found when you travel to a place outside of your everyday life, and focus on the energy within.

Upcoming Retreats

Yoga and much more: Mindfulness, Meditation and the Chakras

With Yoga Master Antonio Elugardo, Michael Hallé, Cathleen Johnson and Maestro Te-Moo (Eutimio) Sosa