Living a Conscious Lifestyle

What is consciousness? The simple one word definition we have for consciousness is ‘awareness’. Being fully in the moment.

By Michael P Hallé
Most people are not aware that many of the simple things we do in any given day reflect the reality of a conscious lifestyle. We are just not ‘aware’ enough to know how close we may be to a more conscious life, mainly because we have not been given the tools to recognize the path. Tools such as a ‘vocabulary’ or a ‘road map’ that can help guide us along the way.

Let’s face it, until you decide to invest some time to delve into a class, workshop, retreat or even a good book, you likely live your days repeating the cycles that have seemed to work for years. And why not? Why should anything have to change?
The reality is if you are reading this you are likely searching for something more. You may not even be conscious of that fact but stop for a moment and think about it.
The problem is that we also don’t always know what it is we are looking for, or even why we are looking. A teacher once told me “if you don’t know where you are going any road will take you”.

So let’s begin with a definition. What is consciousness? The simple one word definition we have for consciousness is ‘awareness’. Simply as an illustration, we spend much of life walking through a series of repetitive tasks not totally ‘aware’ of why. We are all born conscious beings, clean and clear of habits and routines, then life starts to shape our patterns. Eventually we get to the point that we begin to realize we have been moving through our lives so quickly that we stop ‘thinking’ about what we are doing, and we just do it!

Living a conscious lifestyle may begin when we become more ‘aware’ of the many very simple things we do in our everyday life such as reading a book, walking in the woods, watching a sunrise, feeling the breezes on the water’s edge.
When we allow ourselves to relax, we begin with a personal acknowledgement and even a commitment that we are prepared to break the routines that bind us like shackles to our daily routines.

Now that may sound like a relatively easy task, but I am sure you will soon discover it is anything but simple.

That is why travel is the best catalyst I have found for shifting to a more conscious lifestyle.
When we are away from our daily routines we give ourselves permission and opportunity.
Permission to be open to the change and opportunity to not be pressured by the clock and calendar.

For me it truly began to happen when I was on a beach or in a forest. I began to become more ‘aware’ of nature. More interested in foreign cultures. More willing to explore my temporary surroundings and discover what a truly different world actually exists.
As an early riser, while at the beach I found that watching the sunrise became the most exciting moment of the day for letting myself go for even 30 minutes while I committed myself fully to the process of breathing in the morning freshness and feeling the night shift to warming daylight! Even after twenty years of really being conscious of sunrises, I still get excited just recalling the feelings and emotions that brilliance stirs within my DNA.

Naturally, there are those in our community who are already well advanced on the Path to Conscious Living and have already achieved a level of ‘awareness’. That’s why Buddha Travel offers advanced programming to challenge you to move forward on your path. Our variety of retreats and workshops have Masters and teachers who will help your practice move to increasingly more conscious shared experiences with our community. And, we have created the Buddha Travel Pathfinder, a resource that synthesizes the various pathways you can follow to find greater consciousness.

We know what it’s like to be a seeker! And we are obligated through our experiences to share the process of travel with anyone who seeks to know and live a more conscious lifestyle.
It all starts with one breath and the awareness to say yes.
Won’t you join us?


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