Future Destinations for 2019

Tell us where you would like to travel on your path to a more conscious life.

Buddha Travel is already excited to be planning retreats and experiences in exciting new destinations for 2018, 2019 and beyond! In our quest to find locations that combine natural energy, inspirational landscapes and the wisdom of indigenous culture, we are considering the following places.

• Costa Rica
• Guatemala
• Belize
• Botswana and Zimbabwe
• Italy
• British Columbia
• New Mexico
• California
• Colorado

Tell us where you like to travel on your path to a more conscious life. We would love to know the places that you’ve dreamed of visiting and experiencing in a more meaningful way.

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Upcoming Retreats

Maya Gods and Goddesses; Accessing Higher Consciousness

With Miguel Angel Vergara and Trudy Woodcock


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The quest for Mindfulness is hardly a new idea – it’s the foundation of the most ancient myths – but it’s certainly in the zeitgeist now. World affairs, natural disasters and a pervasive lack of good news have led to Time magazine coming out with a special edition entitled “Mindfulness” and before that, Newsweek published one on “Spirituality.” Roaming through …

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A Conversation with Guitar Virtuoso David Barrett and Cathleen Johnson, Co-founder, Buddha Travel

David Barrett is a Canadian-made composer and performer, specializing in redefining the boundaries of progressive rock and instrumental soundscapes. David Barrett Trio was formed in early 2010, when David began composing music for an instrumental power trio. David Barrett Trio’s self titled debut album, produced by Alex Lifeson (Rush), Alan Parsons (Pink Floyd), and Richard Chycki (Dream Theater), was released …

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