What is Energy?

Everything in the Universe is energy, even our Love!

Michael P Hallé
Do you recall standing in a line at one time and you felt ‘something’ that made you aware that someone was too close to you even without seeing them? Or perhaps, when you were on a mountain or near the sea or ocean, how you just ‘felt’ better, more calm, ‘aware’ and more invigorated? That is all ’energy’ and what you were feeling were the ‘vibrational frequencies’ from other energy sources relating to the energy of your body. These are just a few simple examples of real life situations that have been communicating with you in a non-verbal way since the moment of your inception. Typically, in many cultures, we are not taught about such things as energy and how it affects us. It can become a deep and far reaching conversation, and it will when you are connected to the Buddha Travel community.

So, what is Energy?
The truth in one word is ‘everything’. Everything in the Universe is energy. Try finding a definition and the possibilities are endless. I subscribe to the belief that the Universe was created on the first day by a huge explosion, which science calls the Big Bang and creationists call it the moment of creation.
Both are correct!
Renowned scientist Stephen Hawking argues that after the big bang happened, our Universe began to separate, expand and drift apart. It really doesn’t matter if you are a creationist or an evolutionist, everybody generally agrees on the starting point.

Then there was Light.
I have learned to understand that energy is made up of vibrating frequencies.
All matter is energy! Everything is and reacts with energy!
Throughout the pages of the Buddha Travel Pathfinder we will share, discuss, listen and learn about energy. The most important thing is that you will learn what energy means to you. Our Masters and teachers will guide you how to use energy on our Path to Conscious Living and how to share energy as love, because even Love is energy! We know this can all sound a little ‘out there’. It certainly did to me when I first stumbled onto my Path!

You will find as you pay more attention to energy that your level of experience and knowledge will become more finely tuned to the issues of energy and soon you will be so totally tuned in that you will be able to feel your progress daily.
Additionally, the more experience you have with various healing therapies the more your ‘energy intuition’ will progress. Understanding energy at a primordial level should be your goal. Soon, you will be able to feel the effects of energy on your vibrational frequencies and be able to control and discern the impact they have on your being.

My own definition of ENERGY is: “the vibrational force that propels all matter, movement and motion in the Universe.” On a macro level, our goal should be to learn how to manage the vibrational frequencies of our bodies in harmony with those of the Universe. At the micro level we should focus on improving the vibrational frequencies of our bodies to connect more freely to the external vibrations. The more pure our vibrations, the more light we feel!
As I said at the beginning of this article, it can become a wonderfully exciting experience and deep and far-reaching conversation when you are connected to the Buddha Travel community.
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