How I found my Path by Michael P Hallé

"Throughout a lifetime of travel which I have come to know on this Path, I learned many people also suffered from the ignorance of our ancestors, and I say this with no disrespect or judgement. How could they have even known what legacy they would leave in our DNA? They were no more or less aware of this than we were."

The Indigenous Masters have told me that we suffer the generational pain that is passed through our DNA from our Ancestors. As if life isn’t tough enough I thought, now I get to carry someone else’s baggage. We spend much of our lives struggling with our own demons as we live with anger, depression, abandonment issues, anxiety and more. We hear a great deal these days about how men and women have grown up in abusive situations and in many cases, they never truly recover from that abuse and keep the pain hidden deep in their DNA. The Masters teach that if we do not transmute this pain before we die, then we cannot be free of it, nor will our descendants unless we stop the chain.
Like most people in the world much of my life was spent feeling this inner pain and not really knowing what caused it, or what it meant, or even what the origin was. Even if we go through life feeling great most of the time at some point in every life we face these odd situations that shake us to our very core. In my generation, we were always taught ‘not to speak’ about things that bothered us. Just bury it deeply until it becomes part of the fiber of our Being. The result is actually a physical process of manifesting a hard-wired synapse in our brain that soon becomes intertwined with the very fabric of our DNA.
The worst aspect was that I was not conscious about what it was that ached within me, therefore I had no way to even know how to transcend it. I simply never knew that such phenomena existed. My research over the years has taught me that I was not alone in this suffering. It wasn’t until I was older and faced death in my Family, and a car crash that could easily have been my ending but which I walked away from, that I began to ‘listen’ to the universe. The messages I was being given to “slow down” became my wake-up call.

Photo: The car I was driving blew a right front tire at high speed, rolled end of end three times and landed on the roof in a gully off the highway. In the inset is the car upside down.

Throughout a lifetime of travel which I have come to know on this Path, I learned many people also suffered from the ignorance of our ancestors, and I say this with no disrespect or judgement. How could they have even known what legacy they would leave in our DNA? They were no more or less aware of this than we were.

Unless we were raised into an Indigenous or perhaps ethnic culture that also educates us about our ‘spiritual beings’ we simply miss those lessons. And then there is of course the possibility that you grew up in a family with parents that were ‘Hippies’ (today’s Gypset) who dragged you into the VW (Combi) throughout the sixties on their travels while they smoked weed and camped out. Many of us, somehow, never made it through the adolescent stage of spirituality. Nor did we evolve onto a Path of conscious living!

Spirituality is not Religion:
Like most children I inherited religion but along the way I found many teachings and beliefs to be unrealistic and contrived, even forced! Guilt and fear were the psychological tools in almost every Sunday lecture from the pulpit. Like many other Institutions, such as the Canadian Government Residential School program for the First Nations Peoples, the Catholic school system at that time had a cancerous disease of violent teachers and administrators, among them priests and nuns, who bullied and beat defenseless children in the name of god! I remember thinking, how is it that religious leaders could do such things to children? As it turns out I was not the only one who felt this way. What kept me going were the good teachers, who were dedicated to the care and education of the children entrusted to their care. I also learned through this experience that ‘religious’ people are not necessarily ‘spiritual people’. Additonally, that there is a duality in all things and that my greatest ‘healing’ experience would ultimately come from my greatest ‘pain’. Eventually I would come to know on my Path, that pain and anger cannot exist in a state of love, as I have also learned that an honest person can never do anything to hurt Mother Earth. In my opinion, it’s simply incongruent that anyone who is conscious could not do anything to hurt people, or our biodiversity. It’s simply impossible.
Travel offered me a Path, perhaps a way through the darkness:
What I learned in that school system was that life was filled with injustice, and we can either lay down and die, or keep fighting. So, I fought, and fought, for more than half my life I carried the pain and anger so deep within me, it was hidden even from myself. Finally, through the experience of my battle, I found my way onto the Path, and that was through travel. Travel and an amazing career in the tourism sector, became my salvation and afforded me the opportunity to meet remarkable people at places around the world.
My Mexico; My Endless Journey:
My greatest learning experiences began in early 1990’s when I first discovered Mexico. I had been hired to create research brand development strategy for the international marketing of the Government of Mexico, the Secretary of Tourism, by Edelman Public Relations Worldwide, based in Chicago. But long before I had ever visited Mexico, my first inspiration and clear direction was beginning to reveal itself to me through my research. I had found something that would change my life, although I was far too unconscious at the time to fully comprehend the importance to my own progress. I had found that Mexico had a unique ‘cultural secret’ with the potential to be an international powerhouse.

Mexico was well known for its beautiful pristine beaches, but what was still relatively unknown at that time was the rich and unique Mexican Culture! As I learned more about the amazing ancient and contemporary Mexican cultures I began to form a new concept for marketing Mexico to the world; one that combined the popular beach destinations with indigenous cultures and their journey through time and space.
My Epiphany
What I came to know is that indigenous cultures held the knowledge and methodologies for helping people to realize consciousness, understand sustainability, live more naturally in what I came to know as ‘circular time’. I discovered that when guided by Masters, healing, true wellness and ‘a conscious way of living’ have the energy to transform pain and anger and heal both people, and Mother Earth. These are secrets I came to understand, held by First Nations Peoples throughout the planet. The more I dug into the issue the more I learned that it was Mexico’s ancient indigenous and contemporary cultures, that made it the among the most unique destination on the planet. This was a special appeal that captivated like-minded tourists who were better educated, of higher household income and whose primary interest was to travel throughout the various regions of Mexico to explore and taste culture!
It was my epiphany! This is what I came to understand: that cultural travel creates a Path to sustainability and conscious living and wellness, even if we are not aware or conscious to this reality.
Over the past almost thirty years, I have proved this in dozens of cases without fail, first and foremost to myself. I learned that the universe does all the work of providing the energy to clean and heal, and even when I was not conscious of the healing, it was happening to me as it did others. I have long believed that my Path is to attract people to curated experiences, establish the optimum natural conditions, and determine the most significant locations where energy is resident. Then guide people through a process with indigenous healers and masters so that they learn to manage their energy to be able to resonate in the present moment and flow with the universe. Through this revelatory process I have discovered my true Path which is to be a Pathfinder and use my learnings to help build the Buddha Travel community.
My experiences on this Path have provided me with knowledge that changed who I was in my heart. I believe that my experiences will resonate with people who feel themselves in my experiences, as I learned about myself through the experiences of others.
The Learning of Gratitude
Every day I thank my Creator for the people in my life who have helped me to become a better person. I fully believe that as we are offered the opportunity to enter the Path of another person, so, we can learn and grow. My wife Vivian has been a constant rock in our relationship and I am grateful that she has shared much of the load in raising and supporting all of us and our beautiful family. Our son Mike is a Platoon Chief in the Fire Services, our daughter Michelle a yogi and who manages Yoga and Fitness programs in a successful center, as well as operates her own Yoga Studio. Our grandsons Tristan, Cole and Reese and our granddaughter Skyler, have brought so many gifts to our lives, and continue to do so every moment they share life with us and evolve as conscious beings. Stan is our son-in-law, also a Captain in Fire Services and Christine our daughter-in-law, a proud teacher of young children. Both have entered our family as if they had always been with us!
Through Buddha Travel Pathfinder educational programs, retreats and workshops we will share more of the methods and experiences that have guided us along the Path as we have developed Buddha Travel.
Welcome to my Path and thank you for joining my endless journey!
Michael P Hallé
Co-founder Buddha Travel
Photo taken in Ancient Maya site EK BALAM.


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