Your Path to Conscious Living Through Travel: A global community of like-minded people, inspired and connected by a desire to share and deepen the quest for a more conscious and meaningful life, achieved through experiential travel outside of their everyday existence.


Buddha Travel facilitates the seeker’s journey towards a more conscious life by providing experiences, practical resources and Masters and Healers who can guide them to find greater love, light and laughter. Our retreats and workshops are curated for the individual and delivered in intimate groups in safe, serene, inspirational locations that nurture spiritual, creative, physical and emotional growth.

All Buddha Travel experiences respect and involve the indigenous cultures of the host destination, and give back to the cultures who host us. Most importantly, we are building a community of like-minded people and caring teachers whose purpose is to improve themselves and our planet through a deeper connection to each other and to the universe.  


Our promise to Buddha Travelers is to guide you as you ignite change in your life, and feed a flame of greater consciousness. We promise to provide you with a time and place to immerse yourself in unique experiences when you are most open to a new awareness. Working with our network of Masters in specific skills and teachings, we will nurture you as you combine new experiences with your own desire and ability to transition to a more conscious and joyful life.

We promise to:

            --Provide a serene and nurturing environment for change

            --Provide an exciting experience of local and indigenous cultures

            --Ensure an individually sensitive guest experience of safety, comfort, relaxation

            --Enable greater consciousness through a variety of techniques, taught by Masters of their crafts

            --Curate your experience for your personal level of knowledge, curiosity, spirituality, physical condition and courage

--Provide sustainable and biodiverse experiences that employ indigenous populations in host communities with fair trade and generous practices

--Contribute a portion of all fees to support the indigenous populations in the destinations we visit

Yoga and much more: Mindfulness, Meditation and the Chakras

With Yoga Master Antonio Elugardo, Michael Hallé, Cathleen Johnson and Maestro Te-Moo (Eutimio) Sosa