Money, Emotions, Intent and Quality of Life by Alain Phillips

Buddha Travel Presents "Living In Harmony Retreat", with Master Life Coach Alain Phillips. "You may have a lot of money which buys a comfortable lifestyle, but can money buy your quality of life? Find out how the emotions that you generate while interacting with money can have a direct influence on your quality of life." You may just be surprised with what you learn!

Money, Emotions, Intent and Quality of Life
By Living In Harmony Retreats, Master Life Coach Alain Phillips

In over 16 years of my Life Coaching practice I have worked with people of varied trades, nationalities and cultures in very diverse life circumstances. The one thing that almost all of them have had in common is their desire for a better quality of life. The main belief I have observed has been that to improve their quality of life, people believe they must improve their economic income; of course it is related, but the focus of their intent on how to attain a greater economic income directly influences the result.

Do you ascribe to this statement?
“Personally, I believe my quality of life improves proportionally to the quality of my relationships and my ability to do what I desire with my time and money.”

I invite you to observe your beliefs and the actions that currently accompany them that have created the quality of life you have, and learn how you could transform to create the quality of life you want.

The following is a small reflection exercise intended to challenge your beliefs concerning the influence of money in your quality of life.

Honestly evaluate if you have any of the following beliefs:

• Time is money?
• Do you depend on how much money you have to acquire or live what you value?
• Do you measure the results of your actions in amounts of money?
• Do you judge the actions of others according to the amount of money they generate?
• Do you value people according to the amount of money they have?
• Do you value yourself according to the amount of money you have?
• Do you value your reality according to the amount of money you have and what you want to live or have?
• Do you measure your success and the success of others in amounts of money?

If you answered yes to one or more of the previous questions, you could be part of the collective belief that money defines your quality of life. You could be part of a system that markets your daily activity in exchange for money. Therefore, it is possible that in the face of that reality, you have created ways to market your product or service on the economic model of more for less, and you are trying to achieve the recipe that greater profit equals better quality of life.

Objectively speaking, money is only paper, metal or an electronic figure to which you have added a numerical value that measures value of exchange for your activity or product.

If you believe that money defines your quality of life, then this is a truth you live. You have decided that money represents a numerical value by which you value your activity or product in relation to what you want and what your money can buy.

Therefore, to get what you want, every day you dedicate your time to create, sell, market, deliver, talk, convince, serve, buy, negotiate, advise, listen, etc. Any activity you have chosen to do, for which you receive money in return, is based on a type of human relationship.

Only the interaction between humans generates money, someone who offers something and someone who buys it.

Since human interaction is the only way to generate money, to obtain it, you must dedicate your time to cultivate friendly, commercial, business, social, political, diplomatic, etc. relationships. The quality of the relationships that you cultivate can give you two basic emotions; either peace or emotional stress. If peace is your focus, you cultivate your relationships paying particular attention to the emotions of the human beings with whom you interact. However, if stress is your focus, you cultivate relationships paying particular attention only to the money that you could generate through the relationship.

Based on that premise, I could probably interest you in a new belief: that quality of life is defined by the predominant emotional state in which you live, and as such, is a reflection of the quality of your relationships and not of the money they produce. If this is true, the quality of your relationships could lead to an abundant economic life.

You may have a lot of money which buys a comfortable lifestyle, but can money buy your quality of life?

How much peace or stress do you feel and share in your relationships?

What influences do these emotions have directly on your quality of life?

The emotions that you generate while interacting with money have a direct influence on your quality of life — only if you believe you need money.

Money is just a product of your quality of life, one more resource, a means to something else. Sure it helps, but it is not what really has the power to define your quality of life.

Take a moment to observe the quality of your relationships and how each of them makes you feel.

I invite you to visualize three relationships and ask yourself the following questions:

• What is the intention behind each of your relationships?
• What emotion predominates in each of the relationships you chose; Peace or stress?
• If you could, what would you modify about your intent towards the relationship or relationships that cause you stress?

My suggestion is that you start by focusing your intent on improving the emotional quality of your relationships, which will surely increase your ability to apreciate life and create a social interaction that generates confidence, trust and as a possible result, economic abundance.

I hope this article brings you clarity as to how ‘your intent’ may shift your quality of life.

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Alain Phillips
Master Life Coach
Living In Harmony Retreats
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