Buddha Travel designs, curates and markets retreats and experiences focused on deepening a Conscious Lifestyle in unique and inspirational settings.

Upcoming Retreats & Experiences

We currently offer four types of Buddha Travel experiences:

Buddha Travel Signature Retreats

Our branded retreats are curated for individuals or groups and are designed to combine a variety of healing and inspirational experiences tailored to the participants’ needs and goals on their path to Conscious Living. Each of these premium retreats will be led by a network of Masters in destinations and venues that are conducive to stimulating creativity, introspection and inspiration. We select our venues for their natural beauty and energy, but even more importantly for the opportunity to immerse ourselves into the indigenous cultures where they are located and learn from the wisdom and practices of the local Masters.

Buddha Travel Retreats are informed by the learnings featured in the Pathfinder Navigation System, which is a compilation of the co-founders’ knowledge about the many and varied paths one can follow to achieve a more conscious lifestyle. In addition, these retreats may be themed according to one or more elements included in the Pathfinder, such as energy work, ancient myths and religions, yoga, writing, music, etc.

BT Approved Retreats

Buddha Travel is part of a global community that is rich with opportunities for finding a more conscious life, taught by many Masters. That is why we have affiliated ourselves with a variety of other retreats that focus on various pathways to a more purpose driven life. We call these “BT Approved” because we ascribe to their philosophy, we have vetted their teachers as authentic masters in their fields and because we believe that there is never just one right path to conscious living, but rather many paths that will bring us there together.

Buddha Travel Weekends

We all lead busy lives! So Buddha Travel is sponsoring our own Weekend Retreats as well as offering those of other Masters in our community, in a variety of locations in the U.S. and Canada and around the world.

Buddha Travel and Friends Workshops

One of Buddha Travel’s objectives is to offer our community as much practical information on the Conscious Life as possible – both as part of our immersive retreat experiences and at home, too. Our Workshops are designed to give you that reminder of what it feels like to be “in the moment” or to introduce you to the kind of information and nurturing that you will find when you experience a Buddha Travel Retreat.

Upcoming Retreats

Yoga and much more: Mindfulness, Meditation and the Chakras

With Yoga Master Antonio Elugardo, Michael Hallé, Cathleen Johnson and Maestro Te-Moo (Eutimio) Sosa