Master Guitarist David Barrett

“A player of many strands – plays in many guises –
could show up anywhere, and get the job done quite beautifully !” – Steve Howe, Yes.

Buddha Travel introduces Master Guitarist David Barrett a Canadian-made composer and performer, specializing in redefining the boundaries of instrumental progressive rock.
He has been featured in international magazines including Guitar Player, Premier
Guitar, and Vintage Guitar.

In 2010, David Barrett founded the David Barrett Trio, an instrumental progressive rock power trio. Their self titled debut album was produced by Alex Lifeson (Rush) , and
Alan Parsons (Pink Floyd) .
Currently they are working on their third album with vocalist Michael Sadler (Saga) , and producer Terry Brown (Rush).

In addition to his trio, David Barrett performs solo concerts, conducts guitar workshops, and hosts his annual David Barrett Guitar Summit, in Northern Ontario.
David is an endorsing artist for innovative companies such as Dagmar Customs Guitars, Mack Guitar Amplifiers, Pigtronix Futuristic Audio Technology, and D’Addario Canada.

Events with Master Guitarist David Barrett

Mindfulness Through Music With Virtuoso David Barrett, Mexico - January 2018
January 30, 2018

Buddha Travel Signature Retreats Presents:   Mindfulness Through Music With Guitar Virtuoso David Barrett, and special guest, Kenny Lee Lewis. Seven nights in Sotuta de Peon Hacienda Viva — an amazing environment for creating and performing music. David Barrett Buddha Travel believes that the Path to Conscious Living can be achieved in many ways, and we aim to break the traditional concepts for expanding consciousness, beginning with this musical approach under the guidance of a musician who believes that mindfulness and meditation can take music to an entirely new level. If you ever watch an artist or musician closely when they are deep into the art, it becomes obvious that…