Trudy Woodcock

Buddha Travel is pleased to introduce TRUDY WOODCOCK, originally from Canada, Trudy has made Mérida, Yucatán her home since 2001. Wanting to learn more about the ancient culture, but not finding tours or programs that helped connect with the essence of the Maya in meaningful ways, and believing others felt the same, she created Iluminado Tours. Then, as if by magic, her teachers appeared. Miguel Angel Vergara opened the door to the spiritual knowledge of the Maya and her other Maya teacher, Erik Solis, opened up her gift of communicating directly with spirit. When Erik passed on in 2010 he kept a doorway open to the other side which has allowed Trudy to explore relationships in many dimensions. She is currently writing a book, Path of the Maya Priestess, about her channeled sessions with a Maya High Priestess from Palenque.

Trudy continues to delve into the mysteries of the Maya while defining, accepting, and following her life’s purpose. A major part of that purpose is to act as a bridge between the vast knowledge of the ancient Maya and today’s spiritual seeker. She is always eager to share her experiences, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the ancient teachings of the Maya.

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Events with Trudy Woodcock

Maya Path to Awareness: A Direct link to the Divine October 19-26, 2018
October 19, 2018

  Buddha Travel Approved Retreat: The Maya Path to Awareness: A Journey with Maestro Miguel Angel Vergara   A Journey with Maya Master teacher Miguel Angel Vergara and Trudy Woodcock can be the beginning of your personal discovery, October 19-26 2018 in the Yucatan. The mysteries and magic of the ancient Maya can be captured and understood through their ancient sites and their sacred ceremonies. Ceremony was their direct link to Spirit, their connection with the Divine, and was part of their daily lives. Through this link they had access to higher realms of consciousness, other dimensions, worlds of inspiration and…