Buddha Travel Pathfinder


The Buddha Travel Pathfinder is a broad overview of pathways to achieve greater consciousness for those who are inquisitive about the subject, or already on the Path to Conscious Living. It’s what we call our ‘consciousness navigation system.’ It’s just like a GPS in your car, but for the soul!

We have learned over time there is a great deal of misinformation about consciousness and spirituality being sent over the Internet and social media. The overwhelming power and reach of the Internet to flood our lives with data makes it quite difficult at times to navigate the subjects of consciousness and spirituality. For example, a Google search of the subject of ‘consciousness’ will find over 129,000,000 results; search Spirituality, you’ll find 123,000,000; try Enlightenment and you get back 53,000,000 results; and just look for Awareness and find some 372,000,000!

What is missing in our opinion is one resource that synthesizes this information to provide both a ‘macro view of understanding’ as well as ‘a micro series of steps’ to help illuminate the Path for us all.

The Buddha Travel Pathfinder is that resource. It is a compilation of information about pathways to consciousness, a vocabulary to help understand and then navigate the process and an organizational framework that you can use to guide your personal journey. It offers options for a conscious lifestyle, a supportive community to share the learning process with, and guidance to practical methods for your own experiences as you live your life in a conscious manner.

The central idea of the Buddha Travel Pathfinder is that all human beings share one source of energy. We understand that we are biocentrically connected to all other forms of life – therefore we have intrinsic value and connection to every other living organism that composes our collective biodiversity.

Meaning, we are all one.

Manifestations of this central belief can be found throughout the world in the Indigenous cultures. The Maya, for example use a greeting “In Lak'ech Ala K'in.” which means “I am another you”. “It also means I am you, and you are me’, and reflects the same sentiment of other beautiful greetings such as Namaste in the East Indian culture, and Mitakuye Oyasin for the Lakota Native American tribe.

The concept of Universal energy is the logical place to start on the Pathfinder, since we begin our journey on earth at the precise moment of inception in a physical body that is ignited with the Life force of the Universe. In death, our body is released from this same body of Universal energy and we surrender into the source of this Light. Everything we experience in between is a result of that energy flow, how it connects us to every element on our planet and manifests in our being.

The work of the Buddha Travel Pathfinder is to assist people on the Path to learn how to understand, recognize, cleanse, organize, manage and share our inherent energy. Our goal as conscious beings is to increase the vibrational frequency of our being in order to vibrate at the purest frequency, which is said to be that of the Creator. We can do this in many ways, and the Pathfinder helps to curate, organize and explain those opportunities for a more conscious and meaningful life.
It forms the foundation for our retreat and workshop content and our educational sharing programming.


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