What I learned from my Sun brother, Shaman Abuelo Antonio

"Shaman Abuelo Antonio Oxté León taught me something absolutely amazing: our physical body retains emotional pain, and that our body keeps the data or a pain memory or history for generations."

How do you explain meeting a Maya Healer, Master, Shaman, Friend, who is a remarkable being and knowing, through the soothing, calming, and loving vibrational frequency of his energy, that we are all connected, that we may trust, and that he has been waiting for you.
Abuelo Antonio communicates all this without even needing to say word, only through his energy and the actions of the way humble Maya life that he lives on his land in a place he calls Colibri (Hummingbird) surrounded by jungle and Cenote’s within a rustic community in the Yucatan of Mexico.
Imagine stepping into an oasis of peace and tranquility where long before you ever ‘physically meet’, the quietness of the Jungle greets you and foretells of your arrival. I learned so many wonderful things already through the teachings of this very wise Being. Living in the Yucatan Jungle, among the contemporary Indigenous Maya civilization, in the vibrational energy frequency of the Universe.
Abuelo taught me first that we are Sun brothers! He then taught me something even more amazing: our ‘physical body retains emotional pain”.
He explained and then demonstrated through our first therapy, that our bodies keeps the data or a record of all of our emotional pain history. Also, that if we do not purge this ’emotional history of our pain’, our energy becomes blocked at various points in the body. Totally logical to me having had a lot of experience with Reiki and acupuncture over the years.
During the healing sessions Abuelo and his assistance, determined precisely where my body had stored this emotional pain history’, and then worked on the areas where he feels energy blockage points.
In the process, point after point, there is an immediate ‘release your emotional pain history’ and an increase in the flow of energy. I found the experience to be a series of subtle moments of refreshing light, healing and enlightening.
I now believe the logic that if we have suffered memorable emotional pain then it makes sense that it could still resides in our body. Even if it has long been forgotten by the brain, our body knows well the past.
But it also proved to me that as we heal the physical body we release the constraints and blockages to allow our energy to flow, thereby opening our energy to resonate freely with with the purest energy of the Universe.
Which is why when I met and held Abuelo Antonio I felt a Master.
As you learn how to let go of any pain history, and live in the Moment, life simply begins to flow.
A moment of Love and light,

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